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Get to Know iAqua Carbon’s!

Get to Know iAqua Carbon’s!
iAqua Carbon
  • Keeps Water Clean
  • Removes Waste & Toxins
  • Makes Fish Feel Healthy and Happy
  • Recyclable For Plants & Gardens

iAqua Carbon’s mission is to have our natural carbon and lava rock in every aquarium and pond so your fish can live in a sparkling clean and safe environment. After years of testing and researching in our own aquariums we formulated the correct combination of natural charcoal and lava rock that dramatically improves fish health and water purity. Just like you, our fish are our pride and joy!

Uses and Benefits: Granular Activated Carbon for aquariums features a Unique mesopore size distribution ideally suited to remove colors (tannins), dyes, odors, medications remaining in water (antibiotics), dissolved organic substances, some heavy metals, chlorine, and other toxic compounds.

100% Natural
Directions for use

Use 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) of iAqua Carbon for each
10 US gallons of aquarium water or pond water.

1. Rinse under cool tap water to remove any loose dirt.
2. Place inside filter cartridge or in a filter media bag.
3. Replace every 6 weeks or when order or colors are detected.
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