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A Clean Fish Tank

Why is Important to keep Water Clean and how?

You do not need to remove your fish as long as you can work carefully around them, removing the fish can be very stressful to them and can kill them.

  1. Make sure the bucket is lower than the aquarium for gravity to create a siphon.

  2. Follow the directions on your aquarium siphon to get the siphon started and then gently vacuum the substrate/gravel in your aquarium. You should vacuum the aquarium substrate until you have removed roughly 30% of the water.

  3. Once you have finished vacuuming your aquarium, you will need to replace the water you removed with fresh conditioned water. Make sure temperature doesn't fluctuate. It's important to use room temperature water to avoid shock to your fish.

  4. For aquariums with filtration, replace carbon with iAqua carbon monthly.

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